The best method to increase your rankings is to get more backlinks pointing at your website.

The most effective method to build backlinks is to write guest posts on other blogs.

This means you need a list of blogs to approach.

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Updated at least monthly (often weekly or two weekly), our data is fresher and more detailed than any other guest post list we’ve seen.

Whilst some will say they contain more blogs, they include plenty that once published a guest post, or haven’t published in over six months, or have a ‘write for us’ page that hasn’t been updated in 3 years.

We do this for a living, so we know it’s all about quality over quantity.

The data that contains is far better than any other list I’ve ever seen. I approached 12 blogs in my first week of having access, and I’ve been accepted for 7 of them already. That’s insanely good.

Bruce W, Australia.

We’re putting the final polish on things right now, and look forward to welcoming you at the start of 2020.

Make 2021 the year you succeed at guest blogging and increase your business exponentially. Don’t leave it another year.

As of 2021 expect a whole new way to find those blogs that will give you the seo benefits you need.