Change Log

Our change log gives you a sense of what we’re currently up to, and allows you to check when the last updates were applied. It also helps me in check, being a little accountable.

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Changes to and the Guest Blogs Database

22 Dec 2019
Published third blog post, What Is a PBN Site and Are They Risky to Use for Link Building?

18 Dec 2019
Further human reviews happening across database.
Testing payment gateway integration for subscriptions.

17 Dec 2019
Published first blog post, What is Guest Blogging, and How Do I Get Started?

16 Dec 2019
Manually checked over 800 blogs now. Finally settled on a theme…maybe.

15 Dec 2019
Collecting more SEO data for each blog. Checking each blog in the database, 912 sites and counting manually checked.

14 Dec 2019
Work on first layout concepts. Check data in system. Suspend all sites that didn’t return immediately a 200 OK response. To check others manually later.

13 Dec 2019
Set up DNS and hosting correctly.

11 Dec 2019
Finally(!) chose the domain name, after narrowing down to around 20 options.

10 Nov 2019
Researching right WordPress themes.

27 Oct 2019
Full database: further data collation from secondary system.

19 Oct 2019
Final data decisions, scoping for right UI system.

12 Sep 2019
Reviewing database, and looking at pricing options from other competing products.

11 Aug 2019
Database tidy, collect further data.

20 July 2019
Initial data collection starts.