Guest blogging database

Guest Blog Database

The best guest blogging database, with dozens of data points on thousands of sites, updated regularly.

Guest Blogs Database contains comprehensive data (38 data points) on over 2,628 blogs that allow guest posts, sorted into 21 categories.

Human verified

Unlike other guest posting lists who use automated tools, we use automation, then check every site with human eyes. Yes, that’s extremely boring, and we do this for you.

Always growing

We are always hunting for more guest posting opportunities for you, to keep our database as fresh as possible.

Most SEO data

We give you the most SEO data of any guest posting list available. This data gives you all the insights you need to choose the best blogs to pitch your guest post to.

Regular updates

When you’re talking multiple data points on over 2,000 blogs, things change and frequently. That’s why we commit to making updates frequently.

Guaranteed* publishing

We guarantee that if your guest pitch isn’t accepted after approaching 50 of our listed sites, we’ll arrange publishing for free.


Individual site data

Our guest blogging database is the most comprehensive for background data on each blog. Helping you avoid wasting effort and time on the wrong sites, the majority of our sites have the following data points collected on them.

Main URL
Submission URL
Month checked
Domain Rating
Ref domains Dofollow
Ref domains Governmental
Ref domains Educational
Ref IPs
Ref SubNets
Linked Domains
Total Backlinks
Backlinks Text
Backlinks NoFollow
Backlinks Redirect
Backlinks Image
Backlinks Frame
Backlinks Form
Backlinks Governmental
Backlinks Educational
Total Keywords
Total Traffic
Original Url
Google Search
Content Type
Status Code
Indexability Status
Title 1
Meta Description 1
Response Time
Last Modified

Data from our guest blogging database
Data from our guest blogging database


Note: Our publishing guarantee is based on you submitting unique pitches to 50 of the sites we’ve got in our database, with an average domain rating of 30. Your pitch must be well written and unique, along with corresponding high quality article in English. Article must not link to illegal, adult, gambling or drugs related websites. Guarantee valid for 30 days after initial purchase.